Tips to run your ducted vacuum system more efficiently

Tips to run your ducted vacuum system more efficiently

Most homeowners in Australia face a running battle against dust and allergens.

There is not always enough time in the day to clean every part of the house, so many people choose to install a ducted vacuum system in their Gold Coast properties.

These systems are increasingly popular with working households because they are used to eliminate pollen, mould and dust mites along with other common allergens and regular domestic dust.

When you are choosing a ducted system, consider how you intend to maintain it in order to keep it functioning to the highest level of efficiency.

Buying the right system then following some simple rules can ensure the longevity and functionality of your vacuum system.

Finding the most efficient ducted vac system

To ensure you have a ducted system that works efficiently all year round, it needs to meet a few basic requirements.

These include buying high quality cleaning hoses and tools. The hoses will need to be at least 9 metres in length, and should probably be 12 in larger homes.

You will also need a vacuum motor that is big enough to power the ducted hose system.

Don’t settle for weaker machines as these will result in less power for your cleaning devices.

Avoiding certain types of dirt

When you are using a ducted system, you need to make sure you are collecting only the debris that the machine can handle.

Things you must avoid include:

  • Moisture, as this can cause blockages and may damage the filter
  • Sharp debris, including needles, broken decorations and glass and shards of metal
  • Renovation debris, including nuts, bolts and screws, drywall and wires
  • Powders, including flour, plaster and talc, which can clog up your motor
  • By avoiding these various dangers, you are more likely to be able to keep your machine running more efficiently and your ducted system will be less likely to have blockages that could result in expensive repairs.

Keeping the machine clean

Cleaning the ducted system regularly will ensure that it always operates at maximum efficiency.

Regularly cleaning the hoses and cleaning tools will remove residue, giving them greater power to pick up dirt and debris.

Having a ducted vacuum system Gold Coast specialist such Custom Air Industries visit your home to give the system an annual service will help maintain the system.

Our technicians will check the power and suction of the vacuum and correct any faults before they become a more expensive repair job.

With more than a decade of service to the Gold Coast region, Custom air conditioning has specialised in Design, Installation, Service and Maintenance of ducted vacuum systems on the Gold Coast.

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