When is it time to get your air conditioning serviced?

When is it time to get your air conditioning serviced?

It is easy enough to completely forget about your air conditioning unit during the winter months, and only remember that it needs to be looked after during the height of summer. If you are approaching the warmer months, and have not been thinking a lot about your AC unit, then now might be the perfect time to start considering having your AC unit serviced.

If you are not sure whether it needs to have one, or are wondering whether you can leave it for later, then you can talk to a specialist, or seek advice from an air conditioning service Gold Coast expert who will give you all the information you require about your servicing needs.

Inspecting and servicing

Regardless of the age of your AC unit, most experts recommend you have your service team come to inspect and clean the unit at least once every year. The perfect time to have this done is during the spring, so that when you turn it on in the summer months you know that it is working properly and is at its best efficiency.

Keeping the machine working during the summer months is a priority for most residents in the Gold Coast area, and so it makes sense to have any servicing performed prior to this, just so that it can be completely clean and ready for the summer.

The service will also discover whether there are any problems with the machine, and it is much better to discover these before the heat intensifies, rather than being stuck in the middle of summer with no access to an AC unit.

DIY or service team?

If you think your AC unit is in fairly good condition, or even think you don’t need to call in an air conditioning service team for your Gold Coast property, then you may be prepared to do a little bit of the inspection yourself. However, unless you are a fully qualified AC unit contractor, you should certainly not attempt to do the maintenance of the unit by yourself.

You can clean the basic parts of the unit, and make sure that it looks good for inspection, which will help to reduce the cost of the service, but you must absolutely call in a team to have the unit serviced during the summer months.

They can pick up problems you might have overlooked, and this is a considerable saving in the long term.

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