Signs your air conditioner needs replacing

Signs your air conditioner needs replacing

Australians tend to rely upon air conditioning in order to keep their home comfortable even in the hottest weather. Most homeowners in Australia can’t imagine having to face the heat – or cold –
without their conditioner.

Just as with all other sorts of essential equipment in the Australian household, air-conditioners have a limited lifespan, and this means that when you need to replace your air conditioner you have to act quickly in order to avoid becoming overheated.

There are some easily spotted signs that your air conditioner needs replacing.

You aren’t cool, but your energy bill is rising The first obvious signs that you need to replace the AC unit is that you aren’t getting any cool air from your device. You might have called in AC repairs already, and this can extend the lifetime of your unit for a few years, but sometimes the repair man will view your unit and tell you that it is not going to last much longer. Along with a lack of cool air you may notice that you are getting higher and higher bills.

This is because you are pumping up your AC unit to know good effect, but it is still costing you money. When this is happening regularly, you may think that it is time for your AC unit
to be replaced by a newer model that actually works and doesn’t cost you money for nothing.

There are strange smells or damp Another sign that you may need to replace your air conditioner soon is when it starts to give off strange smells and sounds, or starts making a noise. You might simply need to clean the unit thoroughly in order to get rid of smells, or just change the filter, but if it keeps coming back it is a sign that it should be replaced. If you see water gathered around the surface of the unit, particularly on the inside, then you most likely will have to replace the AC unit.

Any noises that it makes, including a whirring or clattering of the fan, might suggest to a repair man that an internal part has worked itself loose, or your AC unit is blocked with dirt.

A good repair might extend the life, but you should consider a complete replacement if you are not happy.

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