Quality Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

Quality Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

In the days before electricity was invented, air-conditioning was down to keeping the windows open.

Nowadays, a whole range of different types and prices of air-conditioning are available for your comfort at prices to suit every pocket.

At Custom Air Industries on the Gold Coast, we offer both split air conditioning systems and ducted air-conditioning systems.

Whichever system you opt for, you can be sure of one thing and that is that when it comes to air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on the quality of our installation.

Here are the different types of air-conditioning systems in a little more detail.

Split Systems

A Split System consists of an individual air conditioner for each room where you want to control the air temperature.

It has two units, one that sits outside the house and contains the condenser and one that sits inside and blows the cool air into the room.

There are four types of Split System available: Wall Split systems, Multi-type Split systems, Ceiling/Floor Split systems and Cassette Split Systems.

The Wall Split systems are the type you are probably most familiar with, and as the name implies, the indoor unit is positioned on the wall of the room.

The ceiling/wall split systems can be mounted at either ceiling level or on the floor and the Cassette system is mounted unobtrusively right in the ceiling.

Those systems only differ in where they are positioned according to what you personally find the most comfortable.

The Multi-type Split systems has a fundamental difference of design in that just one outdoor unit will power up to four separate indoor units.

Our Custom Air Industries consultants are always at hand to help you choose what is most comfortable for you.

At Custom Air Industries, air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast starts before installation and continues right through to after installation care.

An enhancement you can add to any of these systems is an inverter, which is a bit like having a thermostat control on a central heating system.

With a traditional Split System the condenser switches off when the required temperature is reached and comes on again as the room starts to heat up.

With an inverter system the speed of the compressor is adjusted to control the airflow rate so that the temperature stays pretty constant and the compressor does not keep going on and off.

This is both more comfortable and more energy efficient for you.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted Air-Conditioning Systems are the ones that provide the greatest comfort. In these the indoor unit is installed within your ceiling and the cooled air travels through channels within your wall cavities.

The cool air reaches your room through filtered vents that trap dust and other air-borne particles as well as deliver your cooled air.

Our experienced staff will help you design your super comfortable Ducted System.

Installing or Upgrading Your Air Conditioning?

Whether you are installing a new system or upgrading an old one, we are sure you will want the best air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast.

Our expert staff is always available to help you.

Contact us today for a free quote or call us on (07)-5529-8449.

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