Prepare Your Property for Summer Now!

Prepare Your Property for Summer Now!

We all yearn for the time of the year when we can finally have a break and spend more time with family.

Summertime is synonymous with days outside in the park or fun times at the beach – including evening swims to cool down in the long hot Gold Coast summers.

Although most people will welcome the beginning of summer, there is no question that the arrival of intense heat can make many people uncomfortable and lethargic.

The Gold Coast’s sub-tropical high humidity can be particularly cloying when it’s time for bed, with sticky sheets and restless nights often par for the course.

There will be times when having a cold drink simply will not be enough so you must prepare your home for the hottest days and that includes servicing your air conditioner.

Choose Air Conditioning

Let’s be honest, there is no match for the cool comfort provided by an air conditioning unit.

Fans might mitigate the heat at times but they will not do much during the sizzling temperatures. At the peak of summer, only an AC unit can cool down your home effectively.

There are great AC units available to suit all budgets. Some, such as split system units, are easy to install and you can add more units in the future. Talk to an air-conditioning specialist and you will be able to find the right appliance for your property.

Maintenance Is Key

Once your air conditioning unit has been installed, it is time to think about an air conditioning service on the Gold Coast.

Your AC unit will work very hard during the summer so it is extremely important to look after it during the months leading up to it.

Spring is the perfect time to service your appliance as it will give you enough time to order parts and undertake any necessary repairs.

Keep in mind that summer is the busiest time for AC technicians in South-East Queensland so they might not be as readily available to help with any last-minute repairs or servicing.

Your air conditioning service on the Gold Coast will include an in-depth inspection. The technicians will clean the filters and check that there are no signs of mould.

The frequency of the service will depend on your type of unit and its frequency of use.

You may find this article helpful if your air conditioner is not working as it should:  Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacing

With more than a decade of service to the Gold Coast region, Custom air conditioning has specialised in Design, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

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