The Most Energy-Efficient Way To Use Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Energy-Efficiency: How to use your air conditioning unit effectively

Air conditioning energy-efficiency means you’re saving yourself money and limiting the impact to the environment. It’s a win-win.

Gold Coast homeowners and businesses know air conditioning is a must. But how do you ensure your air conditioner is energy-efficient?

A growing consciousness about energy saving means whether you’re a homeowner or business owner there is a responsibility to do your part.

Check energy usage:

Now this may seem obvious, but checking the energy usage before you purchase an air conditioning unit could save you time and money. Compare a range of different models based on their input and output of kilowatts. Also consider external factors such as the size of the space, direct sunlight and the direction the unit will be facing.

Opt for a split-system unit:

By choosing a split-system, or inverter, model with a built in variable-speed drive, your unit will vary it’s motor speed based on priority. So the motor will work hard when it needs to, but ease off the energy when it can.

Choose the right size unit:

Bigger isn’t always better when choosing an air conditioner. A unit that is too large for its cooling space may result higher energy bills. When choosing a unit size some things to consider are: what is the size of cooling space? is the area insulated? and your geographical climate?

Compare energy-rating labels:

One of the easiest things you can do is to check the Australian-certified energy-rating labels. The more energy-efficient a unit, the less energy it will use and the more money it will save you.



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