Installing Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

The Gold Coast boasts brilliant weather but sometimes the mercury rises to unbearable levels.

The long hot summers can be torturous while running your air conditioning unit round the clock becomes habitual.

If you notice your air conditioning looking as if it may be on its last legs or you are purchasing a unit for the first time, it is important to consider its energy efficiency.

If you are looking for energy saving air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast, split system units are a great option.

These systems are popular in Aussie households due to their quiet performance, effective cooling and straightforward installation.

Before purchasing your air conditioning unit, Custom Air’s qualified and licensed staff can tell you everything you need to know about energy saving air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast.

We carry all the major brands to choose from. We can talk to you about the main differences between systems and models to narrow down your selection.

Split Systems

Split system or ductless air conditioners are one of the most common options for cooling your home or large areas of it.

They use hoses rather than ducts to transfer air. These systems are normally more efficient than window or portable units.

They also come in multi-split or multi-head systems which allow you to have many indoor units attached to the single outdoor unit.

This means you can cool and heat multiples rooms in your home while controlling the temperatures of each room individually.

Thanks to this feature, you can turn off the AC in areas that are not in use.

Ducted Systems

Another efficient choice on the market is a ducted system. Ducted air conditioning involves an internal fan coil in the roof space, which is connected to each conditioned room or zone of the house through ducts.

Depending on your system, these ducts can control the temperature in each zone of the property.

Although ducted systems can be more expensive than other options, they are normally much cheaper to run in large spaces that would otherwise require two or more split systems.

When you need solid advice on energy saving air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast, look no further than an experienced and reputable company like Custom Air.

We can help you install an air conditioning system that meets your domestic or commercial requirements. Call us on (07)-5529-8449.

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