The Importance of 6 Monthly and Annual Cleaning and Servicing to Improve Hygiene and Air Quality

The Importance of 6 Monthly and Annual Cleaning and Servicing to Improve Hygiene and Air Quality

One of the most popular and widely used air conditioning systems in the world is the split system.

When it comes to servicing and maintaining such systems you will need the professional services of an expert and we at Custom Air, are the obvious choice for split-system air conditioning on the Gold Coast.

Taking good care of your air conditioning

Without air conditioning during the sizzling summer temperatures on the Gold Coast, your home is nowhere near as comfortable as it could be; sleep is difficult and energy levels are low in the high-humidity heat. Unfortunately, most people take it for granted until it stops working and fails to keep you cool.

Like most things, a little preventative maintenance can save hours of costly work and inconvenience further down the track. In fact, prevention is always far more cost-effective than the cure. Even a routine visual inspection can uncover possible issues that can be easily and relatively cheaply rectified before they develop into expensive faults.

Hygiene and air quality

In essence, most split system air conditioning on the Gold Coast operates along the same basic principle. It will continuously recirculate air within a room, cooling it as it passes through the AC unit.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that any dust particles, bacteria and pollutants will be recycled along with the cooled air. That is where the filters come into play, which are innovatively designed to sift dust as the air passes through the system.

The unfortunate flipside to this is that they in turn can contribute to the build-up of dust in the air. Potentially harmful bacteria and other pollutants can breed in this debris then end up in the air that room’s occupants are breathing.

Keeping it clean

As part of a scheduled six monthly and annual cleaning/servicing, Custom Air technicians specialise in split system air conditioning on the Gold Coast so they can check these filters. After carrying out a thorough visual inspection we will clean the fan unit and the filters, before spraying everything with a special anti-bacterial spray.

Filters that have deteriorated or show any signs of damage can be replaced quite inexpensively and any other issues with the indoor fan unit will also be addressed. Apart from keeping the air in your rooms safe and clean as it passes through the unit, regular checks can ensure that there are no other issues.

Other potential issues that can be identified during routine cleaning and maintenance

Virtually every air conditioning system in current use will generate a certain amount of condensed moisture when the warmer air in the room hits the cooling matrix.

Under normal operating conditions, a correctly maintained and regularly cleaned AC unit will exhaust such moisture into the exterior atmosphere through a small outlet at the back of the fan unit.

If this system isn’t working correctly, however, the moisture can find its way into the air inside the room. There is well-documented evidence to suggest that such moisture is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, including the potentially life-threatening Legionnaires Disease.

If you use any type of split system air conditioning on the Gold Coast you should take every effort to ensure that it is inspected and cleaned both half yearly and annually. This will maintain healthy and hygienic air to breathe in your home or workplace.

If you’re struggling with the heat this summer, our friendly team at Custom Air on the Gold Coast can recommend a split system air conditioning uint to suit your home.

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