How often should I service my air-conditioning unit?

How often should I service my air-conditioning unit?

Air conditioners, sometimes referred to as AC units, are essential pieces of equipment for most Australian households and businesses.

They help to maintain a regular temperature in properties, and can heat up as well as cool down any space.

Some AC units will also alter humidity in a room, making it feel more comfortable for people inside.

In order for AC units to work and provide all this convenience, they have to have filters and moving parts.

These parts will need to have a regular air conditioning service, especially if you live in the Gold Coast area.

What parts need regular servicing?

There are different time spans for servicing AC unit parts, depending on their purpose and the chances of them not working in the way you intend.

The most important parts will require regular servicing, and these include:

Filters – these need to be changed regularly, and can be done at the start of spring to allow you uninterrupted cooling during the longer periods.
Coils – these can become contaminated very easily, and so need to be checked annually
Refrigerant – during the annual inspection, your service team will likely replace the refrigerant
Thermostat – if there has been a problem with heating or cooling in the last year, checking the thermostat during the service can be a good idea.

Less frequent servicing

There are also other parts of the AC unit that will require servicing on a less regular basis. This includes having the motor checked, viewing the air blower to make sure that it is functioning correctly, and looking at the pressure inside the AC unit. All of this servicing can be done bi-annually, or once every five years, depending on the age and condition of the unit.

Servicing your AC unit

It is important to take air conditioning servicing on the Gold Coast very seriously. These units will help you to stay cool, even during the hottest summer months, and having the check during the spring will mean that the unit is unlikely to break down in high temperatures.

Having an annual service helps to keep your AC unit running for longer, prolonging its life and saving you thousands of dollars.

You can talk to your local air conditioning team to find out when they recommend the parts of your unit are serviced, so that your air conditioner is able to keep you cool in the long summer

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