Five Cleaning Tips For Your Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Customers often ask us: “How do I clean my Fujitsu air conditioner?”

It’s an important question. Taking care of the interior of your Fujitsu air conditioner will help to prolong its life, and ensure that it works without needing repairs for longer. Cleaning is an important part of any air conditioning maintenance and the Fujitsu system should be cleaned regularly.

Even performing a few simple cleaning techniques every few months, will significantly enhance your A/C performance.

Here are five cleaning tips to get the best out of your Fujitsu air conditioner.

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Cleaning primary and secondary filters

Your Fujitsu air conditioning system contains a number of different types of filters, specifically the primary and secondary filters. While a few units will only need to be cleaned every so often, if you are in a high traffic area, or a location with dust and debris, then you need to clean it on a regular basis. Some units are also designed to alert you when your primary and secondary filters require cleaning.

Cleaning unit coils

It is a good idea to examine the unit coils annually in order to make sure your evaporator is working cleanly. Most coils benefit from a yearly examination, or will require essential cleaning every other year. You should always turn off your machine before you start any cleaning.

Vacuuming your coils

You may be surprised to hear that the best way to remove dirt from your coil is to use the soft bristle brush on your vacuum. This will wipe off dirt and debris easily. Chemical cleaners can be used when vacuuming your device. However, use them with water to avoid damaging the unit.

Cleaning the drain pan

Clean the drain pan yearly. It’s a prime location for unpleasant mould and algae which can leave odours and cause clogging in the A/C unit. Remove the mould with diluted bleach and simultaneously check the drain hose to ensure there’s no contamination.

Starting the machine again

Our most important tip when cleaning your Fujitsu air conditioner is ensure it’s completely dry before you reassemble the unit. This will prevent damage to the unit while it’s in operation.


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