Gold Coast’s Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Gold Coast’s Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

If you live or work on the Gold Coast then your air conditioning unit is likely your most important household appliance.

Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential to avoid any unwanted breakdowns. However, in the event that your AC stops functioning, here’s what to look out for.


A leaky air conditioning unit is the most common issue Gold Coast air conditioned homes face. There’s a number of reasons for leakage including:

  • Clogged drain line – This is the most common reason for AC leakage and requires the drain line to be unclogged either manually or hiring an air conditioning specialist to suck out the blockage.
  • Damaged drain pan – This occurs with older AC units. In this case a new drain pan will need to be installed.
  • Refrigerant running low – Having low refrigerant will cause lower air pressure and could freeze the unit’s coils.
  • Dusty air filter – Air filters get dirty over time and can block air flow. An air filter should be changed every 1-3 months ideally.

Drainage Problems

Over time drain lines which transport moisture mix with dust and dirt, which results in slushy goo. This muck will cause the drain pipe to clog. The best way to avoid drainage problems is to stick to a maintenance check every couple months.

Broken Compressor Fan

A broken fan can often be a power issue, so it’s important to reset the switch on your circuit breaker and see if it fixes it. If not, it could mean a broken fan, which should be looked at by a professional.

Condenser Coils Freeze-Up

Freeze-ups on the sunny Gold Coast? It happens. When an AC unit is clogged or has been left on for a long period of time the coil can freeze up due to condensation turning to ice. This is bad news and leaves your property at risk of heating up.

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