What is AirTouch 4 Air Conditioning?

AirTouch 4

AirTouch 4 is the latest technological advancement in air conditioning control giving you complete power of up to 16 temperature zones in your home from anywhere in the world.

Integrating AirTouch 4 into existing or new ducted air conditioning systems users gain full control. Users can control their units from Apple or Android devices, as well as voice controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Why AirTouch 4?

AirTouch 4 homes have better energy efficiency and temperature control than standard ducted air conditioning units. It’s smart integration gives users more control straight from their smartphones. Users can also install smartphone apps to the Air Touch 4 home screen and gain control of lighting, security and entertainment.

How does AirTouch 4 work?

A conventional zone control system operates when a damper is opened and closed which directs airflow in and off towards a particular zone. However, AirTouch 4 uses a wall mounted temperature sensors for each zone to accurately set desired temperatures. For example, a bedroom set to 23 degrees will detect when it’s cooling and begin reducing airflow to that zone. When the zone starts to warm up, the zone opens.

How to get AirTouch 4 installed

Installation of AirTouch 4 is only available through specialists.

Custom Air Industries has fully trained AirTouch 4 installation specialists who can take your air conditioning to the next level. Install with us and receive a free Samsung Galaxy!

Contact us for a quote: 07 5529 8449 or visit our contact page.

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