Air Conditioning Advice: 11 tips to save money this summer

Summer has arrived in Australia and suddenly air conditioning becomes essential for both homes and businesses to escape the muggy heat. As leading Gold Coast air conditioning specialists we know that running your A/C doesn’t need to break the bank.

These simple tips will help maximise your air conditioning efficiency and actually save you money this summer.

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Size Matters

There is a misconception that getting a bigger air conditioner is better. However, this could lead to unnecessary high energy bills. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right A/C for your home, such as:

  • The size of your space
  • Insulation/lack of
  • How your home is used
  • Geographical factors

To ensure you make the right choice, it’s always advised to seek the expertise of a specialist. Gold Coast air conditioning specialists, Custom Air Industries, can assess your home and help you make the right decision based on decades of experience.

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Check the air filter

A dirty air filter can reduce the air flow. We recommend you check, change or clean it frequently. Usually this will vary between one to three months.

Lower the A/C at Night

The air naturally cools off at night, even during the hottest months of the year when it may not feel like it, the air will have cooled slightly since the sun when down.

That means you can lower your air conditioner during the night-time hours to cut down on energy use.

You may even be able to create a cross breeze by opening the windows and turn off the air conditioner altogether.

Reduce sunlight

One of the simplest things you can do is to limit the amount of sun coming into your home. Doing so will save your air conditioner working harder than it needs to. It will also save you some cash during those sweaty summer months.

Keep it running

Contrary to what most people think, turning off your air conditioner during the day can actually work against your electricity bills. This is because after letting heat and moisture build up throughout the day your A/C has to work so much harder at night. During the hot months, leaving your A/C on to steadily keep your space cool is often the best option.

Air flow to the condenser

The outdoor condenser is often overlooked, but don’t forget about it. Clearing the area around the condenser to maximise air flow to the refrigerant is essential. Ensure there isn’t anything blocking the flow of air, whether it’s overgrown plants, long grass or objects.

Custom Air Industries supplies many Australian businesses and homes with air conditioning.

Supplement with Fans

Fans use energy to run, but it’s less than what an air conditioner uses.

Many experts recommend keeping your air conditioner at 24 degrees Celsius, which is an optimal energy efficient temperature, and using fans to supplement the airflow.

This enables you to place the fans where they’re needed most and cuts down on the hard work that your air conditioner has to put in.

Ceiling fans and box fans both work well so choose what works best for you.

Cook outside

Summer is the perfect time to light up the barbecue. Which also good news for your air conditioner too as ovens tend to heat up a home – especially smaller homes – a lot. By cooking outside you’re also keeping indoors cool.

Direct your duct dampers

By adjusting your duct’s damper (the rotating valve inside your A/C) you can direct the air flow to where you want it. This can be particularly useful in two-story properties where you may want to aim your A/C upwards. This will change depending on the season. In summer you’ll want cooler air directed higher than in winter due to heat rising.

Close Vents

Unless you’re going to be using your entire home all summer, you don’t need to cool all the rooms.

Close the vents in guest bedrooms and bathrooms and any other room you don’t ‘live’ in most of the day.

Proper Care and Maintenance

If you take good care of your air conditioner, it will last much longer, but it will also be much more efficient.

That means less energy usage when you run the unit, but also an overall lower energy bill.

If you aren’t sure what’s involved in proper maintenance, give us a call to service your unit once every year.

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