5 Causes of Air Conditioning Issues

5 Causes of Air Conditioning Issues

We often take air conditioning for granted here on the Gold Coast. Without it, most of our homes and businesses would not function nearly as well.

We also know that every now and then even the best AC systems break down.

There are usually very solvable issues behind these breakdowns.

As the go-to provider of air conditioning service that Gold Coast homes and businesses trust, we know the likely cause.

Here is our guide to the most common sources of air conditioning failures. Some you can fix yourself, some you shouldn’t even attempt.


Air conditioning systems consist of four working parts.

These are a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.

Without going into the physics, these are all highly engineered and very sensitive pieces of machinery.

The compressor is the heartbeat of all air conditioning systems, and if it malfunctions, your AC will not work.

You might notice anything from a delay in turning on your system to a moving fan with no back up.

Your condenser may have a faulty contact or may be earthed. This could be easily fixed or might need a replacement.

Either way, you should not try to run your AC if it stutters or stops when you try to turn it on. This is case for expert help.


Computerised sensors are in built into air conditioning systems to help them operate efficiently.

These need to be in the right place to assess the temperature of the air in your room or office.

If they are incorrectly placed, or not working properly, this will have a huge effect on your air conditioning.

This is another case for expert help. We provide quality air conditioning service that residents and businesses trust.


Filters are a vital part of all air conditioning systems. You can clean filters yourself and should do so at least once a month.

AC filters remove dust and many other things from the air you are recycling.

They clog up surprisingly quickly, but you can keep on top of this yourself between changes.


If you having renovations installed in your home or business, this will affect your air conditioning.

The increased size of your property will most likely impact the length of time you feel you to need to have your AC unit running and the temperature of the home as a whole.


When you insure your car, you pay for depreciation.

This applies to air conditioning systems as well as motorised vehicles.

Both are complicated and sensitive and will deteriorate over time. It could well be best to think ahead rather than rely on a trusted system.

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