10 Bizarre Times Air Conditioning Made Headlines

10 Bizarre Times Air Conditioning Made Headlines

From Donald Trump to dinosaurs, here’s a list of the most shocking and simply bizarre times air conditioning has made news headlines.

1. Trump blames Obama for ‘bad’ White House AC

Things got heated in the White House with US President Donald Trump finding yet another gripe with former President Obama, saying the Democratic administration is responsible for poor… air conditioning. It’s not like he has bigger issues to deal with… wait.

2. Filipino Senator defends air conditioning use as he locks himself in the Senate

Believe it or not, Filipino Senator Antonio Trillanes locked himself up in the Senate for almost two weeks in 2018 to avoid arrest. However, it was his air conditioning use during that time that caught everyone’s attention.

3. Scientists discover T-Rex had ‘air conditioning’ in its head

Talk about hot-headed. Scientists found the two large holes in the almighty Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skull was basically an internal air conditioning unit. Due to their incredibly large head, they needed this system to cool down in hot conditions.

4. Driver pulled over with home air conditioning unit in van window

What do you do when your vehicle’s air conditioning breaks? Rip out your home’s AC unit and wedge it between your car’s window, of course. What was this person thinking?

5. Sheep beats the heat in style with air con

Let’s face it, we all love a good animal story, and Norman the sheep delivered! Norman was found comfortably sprawled out escaping Australia’s heatwave. It was safe to say Norman was envy of his woolly mates.

6. AC thief gets caught cold-handed

Some criminals rob banks, others choose jewellery stores. But not this guy. An elderly Philadelphia man was caught stealing, not one, not two, but three air conditioning units! They do say choose you niche wisely.

7. A half-dozen snakes found ‘chilling’ in AC unit

No, this is not a horror movie. In Thailand, a man got the shock of his life when inspecting his AC unit after hearing odd noises coming from it. To his despair, he found almost half a dozen snakes inside. Now that’s enough to rattle you up.

8. Air Conditioning company defends weird sexist ad

The billboard that said: “Your wife is hot… Better get your air conditioning fixed” was defended by its AC company saying it wasn’t meant to be offensive, just funny. Maybe they better get their advertising department fixed.

9. Serial burglar gets stuck in air conditioning vent

The wedged burglar spent a few hours trapped in the dentistry AC vent before he was dislodged and arrested by police. Can we get a medal for that vent?

10. Judge threatens police officials with no air conditioning

A frustrated judge threatened Texas state officials with placing them in cells without air conditioning to bring their attention to conditions their prisoners are subjected to. The officials had broken a settlement agreement to keep some inmates in air conditioned cells.

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